The civil ceremonies I offer are driven by your wishes, beliefs and values and I’ll work with you in order to make your occasion as personal and memorable as it can be.


Content can be finely tailored to match your wishes and I’ll prepare a script for you to review beforehand. Each ceremony is unique to you and your occasion and can be made up of as many different components as you’d like.


You may want something nature-based, spiritual and more Pagan-like, you might want some religious content and you may not. Music might feature, as well as other symbolic actions such as hand fasting, candle lighting, sand pouring, tree planting, or balloon releasing. Poetry and readings can be included and read by me, family members or friends or prepared by you for me to read on your behalf.


With the exception of churches, chapels, synagogues and mosques, civil ceremonies can be held wherever you want (as long as you have permission) at a private home, indoors or outdoors.


Civil marriage or conversion to marriage ceremonies need to be held at the Office of the Superintendent Registrar or at a venue with an approved marriage licence. There are also more specific requirements for these legal ceremonies in terms of how and when these take place but I can guide you through the finer details.