As an authorised civil celebrant, I’m legally able to marry a couple, or convert a civil partnership into a marriage.

The law doesn’t currently allow me to solemnise a civil partnership but I can offer you a non legal wedding celebration ceremony if you want to mark this in a special way.

There are certain legal requirements for a civil marriage or a conversion to marriage ceremony for example, the wedding must take place between 8am-7pm and it must begin within an hour of the scheduled start time.

Specific vows have to be said exactly as required by law (however you can add your own personal promises), two witnesses are needed to hear these vows being said and legal certificates have to be signed.

Such civil ceremonies need to be held at an approved location or the Office of the Superintendent Registrar. Many hotels, island and outdoor wedding venues are already approved locations but you can apply to have a certain place or area licenced for your wedding such as a private home or garden, an outdoor location or beach. Where the actual ceremony happens is very specific and no food or drink can be served in this area from an hour before and until the ceremony is complete.

In terms of content, a civil marriage or conversion ceremony has to be ‘solemn and dignified,’ but can be tailored to suit you. I’ll work with you to create the ceremony you want incorporating personal details, readings, poems, music and performance as you’d like.

Guests can be involved with readings or I can do these on your behalf or be on standby as needed.

You can include certain religious and spiritual content such as bible readings or hymns (played or performed) however you can’t include prayers, psalms or any acts of worship as a civil marriage ceremony has to be quite distinct from a religious one.

You need to apply to give notice to marry a maximum of 12 months before your wedding day and then request a marriage schedule through the Registry Office. There are additional fees for this legal application process.

My fees are paid directly to me over and above the application process administered by the Registry Office. If you’d like me to conduct your ceremony you need to let the Registry Office know. I’ll then confirm the content agreed by us with them as well as collecting your marriage certificates, overseeing their and returning them.

A simple marriage/conversion to marriage service includes me conducting the exchange of your legal vows and overseeing the administration of your marriage certificates usually in the Registry Office with a small number of guests.

A more detailed marriage/conversion to marriage ceremony would include this as well the creation of a bespoke occasion with a personalised script telling your story.

I can also offer a nature-based handfasting ceremony for a bride and groom looking for something more spiritual or more Pagan-like. Often performed outside, these very special ceremonies involve a couple and guests in a unique way and incorporate the elements of air, fire, water and earth. These ceremonies can also include other ancient rituals such as Jumping The Broom and a Cake and Mead and pre-wedding ceremonies as an addition or alternative to a hen-do, for example.

I’m happy to work with your budget to make your occasion unique for you, so please feel free to contact me to discuss your plans in more detail.

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