What’s in a naming?

A naming ceremony is typically when a baby, child or young adult is given a name, or names. As an alternative to a religious christening, it’s also a chance for parents/carers to show their commitment to loving parenting and to ask those around them to help them with this role. Supporting adults or guideparents can be elected and promises can also be made regarding the aspirations you have together for your child/ren.

Acknowledging the importance of a new arrival in front of witnesses doesn’t have to just be welcoming a new baby into a family, it might also be the opportunity to unite older children with their younger siblings, or for step, foster or adopted children to come together as a family.

There’s no set script or fixed structure and the occasion can be tailored especially for your family in a way that feels right to you. Similarly, the venue is open to a huge range of options; a parish hall, a hotel, a family home or garden, a zoo, a park, activity centre or the beach are all possible.

You can include music, poetry and prose on your naming day and there might be other elements such as balloon releasing, bubble blowing, tree planting or sand or water pouring to symbolically unite a family (different vessels or colours can be selected by family members and individual wishes made as sand or water is poured into a central feature).

As with all civil ceremonies, a naming ceremony is bespoke. A carefully created script tailored to what you want, in the way you want it, makes the day personal and unique and even more memorable.


Naming day

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